This is Marimekko Pre-loved

In celebration of 70 years of empowering silhouettes in iconic prints and colors, Marimekko now makes available a carefully curated collection of some 70 vintage pieces from the 1960s to the 2000s.

These extraordinary gems represent everything that our dresses are famous for. Since 1951, the Marimekko dress has conveyed a positive and empowering message – be yourself. Our timeless dresses have always been an emblem for people who walk their own path with confidence and style.

At Marimekko, our ambition is that our designs are never thrown away but will be passed on from one user to the next – Marimekko Pre-loved is a new pilot concept that makes it easier for you to find yourself a pre-loved Marimekko piece of your own.

Follow our sustainability efforts on our Instagram #marimekko and at Marimekko Pre-loved is only available within the EU.

Marimekko Pre-loved

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