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A simpler, no-bloat alternative to Wordpress for blogs and simple sites

Pleased to introduce DynaBlogger, a SaaS I have just launched. It's a new hosted/managed blogging platform I propose as a simpler alternative to platforms like Wordpress, for people who prefer something less complicated but still with all the features most people need for a great blogging experience. Wordpress is a very powerful CMS but it's often overkill for many people. Plugins make it very flexible but often introduce vulnerabilities or performance issues. DynaBlogger is simpler and to the point, not bloated with features you may never need. Still, it supports themes - you can edit themes directly in the web app and see changes live immediately, custom domains, and easy collaboration. Great for blogs and simple sites. You can also import content from Wordpress or Ghost for an easy migration. Hope you find it interesting and that you will check it out. There's a free 14 days trial - no credit card required - so trying it is easy. With the coupon code 'EARLYBIRD' you get 50% off for the first three months and if you choose a yearly plan, 2 months are free. Thanks in advance for giving it a try and for any feedback!

Season 2: Grand Championship
Online survey, issue track & analysis for SMBs to get and act upon feedback

The first 8 champions will battle in the Grand Championship.