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Remotely clear your user's browser cache with the click of a button!

You deployed an amazing new feature to your website, but how do you make sure that your live users will see it right away? Ask each of them to clear their cache and refresh the browser page? JellySync puts you in complete control of how and when your site gets cached on your client's browsers. With JellySync, you can clear your user's cache, cookies, local storage, session storage and force a refresh remotely with the click of a button. Tired of having to choose between browser caching or client side cache busting every time you make a new web app? Or, maybe you deployed some new features or an urgent bug fix and you want to make sure that you users aren't still on an older version. Rest easy knowing your users will always be using the latest code when you want them to.

Season 1: Grand Championship
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The first 8 champions will battle in the Grand Championship.