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The free, no-code-necessary platform for creating stock trading algorithms.

We created Updraft as a solution to the high barriers of entry in the algorithmic stock trading space. The first step of any algo trading tutorial was always "read this textbook" or "download this code library." We wanted to engineer a way for people to programmatically trade on technical indicators, and eventually on more sophisticated criteria, without needing to learn how to code. Now, users can go to and create their first trading algorithm, for free, in under five minutes. The only knowledge you have to bring to the table is a stock to trade with. The algorithms, once published, will notify the user with email & text alerts when they identify uptrends or downtrends in the stock's price. The goal, ultimately, being to arm yourself with technical tools to be able to trade stocks more profitably. It is even possible to fully automate one's trading, by hooking up their Updraft algorithm to the API-driven broker Alpaca, via the IFTTT service. We are ultimately hoping to change the landscape of algorithmic trading to lower the barrier of entry, and allow more people to reap the benefits of the stock market. Join us at !

Season 2: Grand Championship
Online survey, issue track & analysis for SMBs to get and act upon feedback

The first 8 champions will battle in the Grand Championship.