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The ultimate business management platform built for you.

We all love running the business we’ve created but often we’re facing accounting and organization problems. It’s so painful to work inside the chaos of excel sheets, tasks to remember, and thousands of apps to consult at the same time. Satiurn has been created with the intent to include all the amazing features from the best selling apps in an easier and more connected way. Our main focus is to provide a simple and straightforward workflow to guide you during the entire lifetime of your customers. This is the workflow we’ve studied for you: 1 Create a customer registry to remember all of his information 2 Write a stunning proposal to engage your new customer 3 Share your proposal and get notified when the customer sees it 4 Create a board to organize the project with tasks and timeline 5 Track the working time of all of your team 6 Record the expenses of the project 7 Check the proposal as paid when you receive the payment

Season 1: Grand Championship
Home inventory system with unique QR code labels
Accepting digital payments without a single line of code
Community-driven catalog of learning resources
The ultimate business management platform built for you.
Save your favourite memes in a single place and find them easily.
Turn your tweets into beautiful shots — Perfect for sharing on Instagram

The first 8 champions will battle in the Grand Championship.