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Ninja Cookie

A browser extension that rejects cookies and removes cookie banners.

We are Théo and Guillaume, two friends in our thirties, living in Paris. We believe that protecting digital privacy is important and that, if you wish to block the use of tracking cookies, your voice needs to be heard. We also understand that the increasing use of of cookie banners is not acceptable to the Internet user, who ends up accepting the use of cookies simply for convenience. While looking for a solution to this, we found that the existing ones available can make banners disappear, but never actually block them. This is why we decided to launch our own personal project, naming it Ninja Cookie. It is through this that we hope Internet users will be able to easily apply their preferred settings, in order to protect their privacy and enjoy browsing without a cookie banners.

Season 2: Grand Championship
Online survey, issue track & analysis for SMBs to get and act upon feedback

The first 8 champions will battle in the Grand Championship.